Boxwood Avenue Chicken Coop


Get our chicken coop plans to build your own DIY chicken coop! This 20 page PDF will show you how to build this 4’x4’ coop from the ground up! Complete with a supplies list and instructional video!

About the Chicken Coop

Fits 8 Hens


We keep 8 hens in the coop at night. They free range during the day. We have installed two roosting bars for them to be able to spread out while they sleep.


Instant Download


Once you purchase the plans, they will be delivered directly to your inbox so you can begin building your chicken coop right away!

Instructional Video


Be sure to watch the video for helpful tips and tricks! We share ideas and fixes to make your chicken coop is sturdy and square!

Chicken Coop Video


Please watch this video for step by step details and helpful information as you build your coop! This video provides great tricks for making sure the coop is built properly! We share measurements and tips for building!